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Permeates deep into the dermis layer beyond the stratum corneum and epidermis  to  revitalize  cells  for  the  youthful  looking  skin again, right before  your eyes.

A natural fabric contoured mask generously infused with Nanophylised Collagen.  Tiny Nano-sized collagen penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin, to plump skin up from within, by increasing collagen production and enchancing skin hydration + L-ascorbic Acid (VitaminC) a powerful anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals for a radiant complextion.

  • Reactivates collagen production
  • Hydrates and revitalize skin
  • Smoothens the skin surface texture
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Regeneration of skin cell
  • Heal and repair cell efficiently & effectively
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Reduced and lightened pigmentation marks
  • Strengthens and maintain skin elasticity & firmness 

Skin pores and cuticle are the natural barriers of the human skin, and that also acts as a barrier for skincare products to be absorbed.

Researchers and doctors know that collagen molecules are simply too big to penetrate the skin when topically applied thus ineffective. That is why for collagen to work it is injected into skin to “fill-in” the lines and wrinkles.  With nanotechnology, collagen molecules are shrunk to allow easy absorption and preparation.


WHY H-reverseTM collagen masque is the preferred choice?


Traditional collagen-containing skincare products cannot act effectively and be absorbable at the same time, a ‘catch-22’ situation.

-Macro-collagen type : hardly absorbable, but effective
-Micro-collagen type : barely effective but absorbable.

It does not matter how expensive a skin care product cost, or how rare or useful the ingredients may be; if those components cannot be absorbed effectively, it will    be considered useless and wasted. 50-nanometer skin pores and cuticle are the natural barriers of the human skin, and that also acts as barrier for skincare products to be absorbed. Ideally, the ingredients should be under the molecular weight of 10,000 daltons to be able to pass through the cuticle and to the dermis

  The Solution    

The H-ReverseTM collagen, a result of our R&D combining both biotechnology and nanotechnology, is highly absorbable and effective at the same time. It is based on our exclusive proprietary technology “M.A.R.S. –Micronised Absorption and Recompose technology”. The H-ReverseTM collagen goes through a purification and extraction process that includes nano-Silver, nano-Iron and L-ascorbic acid, would be thoroughly absorbed, thereby repairing damaged cells efficiently and effectively.

H-ReverseTM collagen, digested under 5000 Daltons by enzyme and stimulated by nano-initiator can easily pass through the cuticle. It will then conjugates into existing collagen and provide the buttress for the cells, further repairing,             restructuring, and revitalizing cells. Viola…..youthful skin again…..

Effective collagen capable of skin-repairing, requires dissolubility and absorbability into the dermis layer. Most available collagen product belongs to macromolecule structure, strip-like protein. In term of macromolecule collagen, fibers of collagen are woven together like threads in fabric to form a framework in which collagen is applied. Staying on the surface, collagen could only be useful as astriction and moisturization, and its large structure prevents it from being absorbed deeply into the dermis layer, hence unable to repair damaged cells.

H-ReverseTM collagen are selected specific superfine collagen extraction. With the molecular weight of 5000 Daltons and 34nm diameter, which is smaller than the gap 50 nm within cuticle of skin, the superfine H-ReverseTM collagen is easily absorbed deep into the dermis layer. Thus, the H-ReverseTM collagen is able to revitalize cells, shrink pores, diminish wrinkles, and tighten loose skin (firming) so as to achieve the objectives of repairing, thereby ‘regressing’ the aging process             and improving facial effects almost immediately.


User Guide


After cleansing face, peel off backing and lay mask over entire face. Lie down, relax, facing upwards and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Remove and gently massage excess gel into face and neck. Use frequently for maximum results.

  Active Ingredients    

Purified Water, Collagen Extract, Nano-Silver, Nano-Iron, L-Ascorbic Acid, Dipropylene Glycol, Glyceryl Polymethacryate, Butylene Glycol, Quince Seed Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Scutellaria Baicalenesis Extract, Saxifrage Sarmentosa Root Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Cucumber Extract, Ginko Biloba Extract, Alcohol Denat, Cholesteryl Hydroxy Stearate, Poe-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Soybean Protein Extract, Sodium Hyalurinate, Methyl Paraben Allantoin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Fragrance, Disodium e.d.t.a., A-bisabolol, Glucare-s, Phytosphingosine

  About Truste Pharma    

Truste Pharma is a Geneva-based company that delivers innovative and valuable products to enhance aesthetic health by advancing pioneering science across the landscape of biotechnology and nanotechnology. The company works to deliver on the limitless promise of science and make a positive difference in people’s lives. For more information about Truste products, you can visit our website at www.seattle.com.sg or contact us at [email protected]

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